Behind closed doors...

Putting Sarah Harding and Katie Price into one room, you can only imagine what would happen between the two, but one story is particularly weird: the pair used to make Peter Andre ‘audition’ for them, like on The X Factor.


Sarah was Katie’s bridesmaid during the pair’s wedding, and they kept in touch until they split in 2011.

And, while we always knew Katie Price was a bit of a ball-breaker, but it’s particularly weird that she got her real life husband to sing for her…

Talking to gay lifestyle magazine GuysLikeU, the Girls Aloud singer said: ‘Back in the day I used to hang out with her a lot, when she was with Peter and they had just had Junior.

‘I remember I used to go round to see them at their place in the country and we used to make Peter audition for us as if he was in The X Factor.

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‘And he would so love getting into character and we’d be like Simon Cowell, and start yelling “NEXT!” at him! And then he’d come back out again as a different character.

‘We used to have such giggles.’

Bless Peter, he’s so sweet.

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But that’s not the only star Sarah Harding’s sadly lost contact with – even Girls Aloud bandmate Nicola Roberts, saying she’s gone ‘AWOL’ and hasn’t been in touch lately.

Sad times, but at least she can always be a judge for Peter Andre.

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