As she admits to lip fillers, Tom begs her to stop obsessing over her looks

Last week, in a refreshingly honest move, Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding finally admitted she’d had lip filler injections.

Sarah denied having Botox, but  Now can reveal her obsession with her appearance is causing tension between her and fiancé Tom Crane before their summer wedding.

Tom reassures her all the time that she looks amazing, but it’s wearing him down having to constantly talk about her looks,’ says our source.

‘When they fight, it always ends up with him apologising.

‘He thinks her hair, which she dyed dark brown February, is too harsh for her and drains her natural beauty. He’d prefer her to go back to blonde for their wedding.’

Sarah‘s now vowed not to have any more work done, revealing: ‘It was a big mistake. It’s not something I’m going to be trying again.’

Our source adds: ‘She was worried about turning 30 later this year, but the lip fillers were a real wake-up call. For a while she thought the side effects were going to be permanent.

‘She’s now sworn off fillers and is eating a simple, organic diet to make sure all the toxins are purged from her body.’

Read the full story about Sarah Harding in Now magazine dated 23 May 2011 – out now! 

Now cover 23 May 2011

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