The Girls Aloud star's new look leaves us wondering

Sarah Harding visited London‘s Hyde Park this week with a new pout to rival Angelina Jolie‘s.

Sarah, 29, took her mum and boyfriend Tom Crane to Hyde Park‘s Winter Wonderland on Wednesday night, but it was her sexy lips rather than her skating skills that grabbed the public’s attention.

Amazing how chapped lips so can look so different after a cold snap!

Girls Aloud star Sarah, 29, is not saying if she’s had any face fillers but when it was rumoured she’d had a breast enhancement earlier this year, she didn’t dismiss the idea of cosmetic surgery.

‘My boobs aren’t too bad but they fluctuate. And it’s not like they just shrink and stay really pert either – sometimes you need something to refill them a bit,’ she said.

‘So yes, I’d consider it.’

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