Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has a new bachelorette apartment

Sarah Jessica Parker has bought a £7.5million apartment in her own name to get away from husband Matthew Broderick, her friends tell Now.

Pals says the actress’s marriage is crumbling as the couple deal with the huge success of her Sex And The City films.

As her star rose and his fell, he became quite moody,’ a close friend tells Now. Now they hardly ever spend time together…

The sad thing is Sarah thought it was her fault as she was always working.

‘He used to nag her to stop but someone has to pay the kids’ college fees when they’re older.’

But the friend says the final straw was when Sarah, 46, hired two nannies for kids James, 8, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 1 – Matthew, 49, said she was shirking her responsibilities.

It was unfair and she’s had enough of his moodiness, so she’s bought her own home in the West Village, a few blocks away from where they live,’ adds the pal.

It’s a way of co-parenting with a bit of space between them. When she told him, he shrugged, which pretty much sealed the deal.

‘She told him she still loves him but she can’t live with him any more. It’s very sad. There’s no doubt he loves the children but that’s all that’s holding them together.’

SJP‘s spokesperson was unavailable for comment.

Read more about Sarah Jessica Parker in Now magazine dated 25 april 2011 – out now!

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