SJP says a new baby would keep her spoilt son grounded

Sarah Jessica Parker wants another child – because she doesn’t want her son to be too indulged.

SJP, 41, whose husband is actor Matthew Broderick, reveals the couple are planning to have another baby before three-year-old James gets too used to being the centre of attention.

‘Will he be an only child?’ she says. ‘We will have to see what our life produces for the time being. I suppose he is a little spoiled.’

The Sex And The City Star married 44-year-old Matthew in May 1997 and James was born in October 2002.

SJP also admits her son has been entertaining her with his non-showbiz career choices. ‘Some days James wants to be a truck driver or a police officer or a fireman,’ she says.

‘He has dabbled with every profession you can think of – but he hasn’t mentioned acting.’