Marc's girlfriend arrives in Australia to confront him

Sarah Matravars has arrived in Australia absolutely furious with her boyfriend Marc Bannerman after watching him flirt with Cerys Mathews on I’m A Celebrity last night.

The jungle couple – who have been getting increasingly close – have been cuddling up, singing to each other and even enjoyed a tender kiss before bed.

‘I made a big joke out of it at the beginning of the week but this has gone on long enough,’ says Sarah, who reportedly cut up a load of Marc’s clothes in fury before she left the UK.

‘It’s upsetting. I hear they’ve been sharing quite a lot. She’s been serenading him and I hear he sang There May Be Trouble Ahead – well there might be now.’

And now the 33-year-old is contemplating ending her and Marc’s 2-year relationship.

‘My life is on hold right now – I want to throttle him, I want to cut off his kangaroo balls,’ she tells The Sun.

‘Marc and I live together and we have a proper life together, so of course I’m worried.’

Meanwhile oblivious of his girlfriend’s arrival in the country, Marc, 34 snuggled up to Cery, 38, and playfully complimented her before kissing her goodnight.

‘You’re so cheeky,’ he tells her. ‘You’ve just got a really cheeky face. There’s so much to say really.’

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Alison Adey