Singer Frankie Sandford 'lost herself' but is feeling better now

Frankie Sandford has revealed that her mystery stay in hospital last year was because of her long-term battle with depression.

The Saturdays singer, who was admitted for treatment in October, says her gloomy thoughts were triggered by an incident involving footballer boyfriend Wayne Bridge, 31.

‘I got upset because Wayne hadn’t bought the right yogurts. I managed to convince myself that he didn’t know me at all,’ says Frankie, 23.

‘It set off this spiral of negative thinking – if I disappeared it wouldn’t matter to anyone. In fact it would make everyone’s life easier.

‘I felt I was worthless, that I was ugly, that I didn’t deserve anything.

‘I thought I was selfish, miserable and ungrateful. I had been given this amazing life, but I wasn’t happy.’

Frankie says her negative feelings started at the age of about 15, when she’d often stay in bed but put her lack of motivation down to laziness.

She admits she’s been an ‘over-thinker’ since childhood and would make herself ‘sick with worry’, regularly suffering with stomach aches and breathing problems.

It was Wayne who she first told she needed help – the couple were out walking when Frankie ran away from him ‘hysterical’, sobbing in a panic attack.

‘I got so good at covering it up, I didn’t confide in anyone,’ Frankie tells Glamour.

‘Firstly, you don’t think anyone will understand; secondly, you wouldn’t want to bother anyone with it; you feel so worthless.

‘I did lose myself, but I feel like me again now.

‘I try not to put pressure on myself – it’s unrealistic, no one is 100 per cent happy all of the time.’

Frankie is supporting Glamour’s Hey, It’s OK campaign with mental health charity Mind.

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