Eva Mendes' man is an animal lover


Ryan Gosling isn’t just a successful movie star, director and heartthrob – he’s also a passionate animal rights campaigner.

The actor wants to improve the living conditions of breeding pigs in Canada and has written an emotional newspaper article stating his case.

Ryan, 32, has teamed up with the Farm Sanctuary and Humane Society International/Canada to stop the use of gestation crates – metal cages that hold the hogs and confine them so much they can barely move.

Within this draft code is a mandate that the pork industry stop relegating, for nearly their entire lives, mother pigs to tiny cages so small they can’t even turn around,’ Ryan writes in a piece for the Canadian Globe And Mail.

I hope it will close this dangerous loophole by disallowing the pork industry from confining pigs for weeks at a time – something that I would never dream of doing to [my dog] George, and that no compassionate Canadian would ever do to any animal.’

It’s not the first time Ryan has fought for animal rights – he previously campaigned against the dehorning of cows on dairy farms, a painful process where calves have their horns removed from their heads.

He’s also rarely seen out without his cute pet dog George by his side.

I take my beloved dog George with me almost everywhere I go,’ Ryan, who’s dating actress Eva Mendes, goes on to write.

Once, George even shared the stage with me on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

The bond I have with George is not unique. Like me, countless Canadians share their homes and lives with pets they consider to be part of the family.

We know that they have individual personalities and quirks (George loves apples, for example) and that they feel both physical and mental pain.’

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Anna Francis