Kim introduces Kanye West to a new way to relax

Good news for all the world’s paparazzi!

Kanye West has discovered a new way to control his short fuse: yoga.

The rapper, 36, has finally conceded it’s time to find some inner peace and has taken fiancée Kim Kardashian‘s advice to try the activity.

‘She suggested yoga could clear their minds and help them feel relaxed,’

says a source.

Kanye likes to see himself as spiritual so he tried out a few yoga positions that Kim had learnt a couple of years ago.

‘He found it really interesting and is now suggesting that they hire a private instructor.’

This news may come as a relief to the snapper Kanye got up close and personal with at LAX earlier this year.

Oh, and Taylor Swift, who famously felt his wrath at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.

Think positive thoughts, Kanye

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