Actress wows the crowds with new rosy image

At the London premiere of her latest movie The Prestige, Scarlett Johansson looked every inch the scarlet woman.

The actress has abandoned her signature platinum locks and gone for sexy red hair with lipstick to match.

Stylists at the John Frieda salon took three hours to create the new shade and 50s starlet cut in preparation for last night’s event.

Scarlet, 21, drew admiring looks from fans as she arrived at the screening of the film – a tale about two rival magicians, which also stars Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine.

Co-star Hugh admitted he and Michael Caine had trouble focusing on their lines in her company during filming.

He confessed: ‘The two of us were just mainly distracted the whole time by Scarlett. She’s got to be up there next to my wife.’