The actress takes an honest view

Scarlett Johansson thinks most actors are very different behind closed doors.

The Captain America star doesn’t feel intimidated working with a predominantly male cast on the Avengers films as she knows they’re probably all insecure underneath.

I like to hire strong women,’ says Scarlett, 29.

My assistant is a woman, and usually my driver. But you’re also talking about a bunch of actors, so they’re not particularly masculine.

They are in public of course, but really actors are sensitive, neurotic, self-doubt-filled and needy. Men and women alike, we’re all big babies!’

Scarlett, who used to be married to fellow actor Ryan Reynolds before the couple split in 2011, is equally honest about thespians putting their names to lucrative advertising deals.

I don’t think there’s any such thing as an actor being a purist,’ Scarlett tells Telegraph Magazine.

Please, actors are the farthest thing from pure! We’re always selling our souls one way or another, it’s part of the gig.

I think as long as your work has integrity, that’s the most important thing.’

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Anna Francis