Is Blake Lively the cause of Scarlett's marriage split?

Angelina Jolie thought she had it tough when she was seen as the other woman who lured Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston.

But Blake Lively must be bracing herself for similar treatment as insiders are laying the blame squarely at her door for the demise of Scarlett Johansson’s two-year marriage to Ryan Reynolds, 34.

The couple called time on their relationship before Christmas but friends say the trouble started in April during filming of Ryan’s new flick Green Lantern with Blake, 23.

Ryan and Blake really hit it off and everyone working on the film said she was “all over him” between takes,’ says our source.

‘Even though Blake’s now dating Ryan Gosling, back then she was on the hunt for a new A-list man and it’s no secret that Blake and Scarlett have always disliked each other.

‘They’re very competitive as they’ve been up for many of the same parts, such as Daisy Buchanan in a new film version of The Great Gatsby, which ended up going to Carey Mulligan.

‘There’s no love lost and if Scarlett had heard even a whisper of Blake’s behaviour on set with Ryan, she’d have been livid.’

Scarlett, 26, publicly snubbed Ryan when she won a Tony Award for her Broadway debut in A View From A Bridge.

When her name was announced, she leant over to kiss her co-star Liev Schreiber – and ignored an embarrassed Ryan as she got up to get her gong.

‘They were mismatched from the start,’ says the friend. ‘There was a lot of sexual attraction but when that died down things got complicated.

Scarlett’s always had a thing for bad boys but Ryan’s the complete opposite. He’s quiet and loves a slower pace of life but she’s a New York City girl through and through.’