The actress has got a new fanbase

Scarlett Johansson is surprised by some of her fans.

The actress has acquired many young admirers lately, mainly because of her role as the Black Widow in the Avengers films.

It’s little girls,’ says Scarlett, 29.

It’s funny because they probably can’t even see all the movies I have done.’

Scarlett‘s younger fans might love her but their mums and dads aren’t always as knowledgeable – the actress admits she was recently mistaken for 24-year-old singer Taylor Swift by a confused parent.

The other day I was in the airport and somebody said to me, “Oh, my daughter is your biggest fan and she loves your work so much. Are you Taylor Swift?”‘ the movie star tells Notebook.

I was like, “Wow, that radiant youth cream works.” She’s also like six foot tall or something.

I went to my friend, “How should I feel about this? Appalled? Thrilled? Or not think about it too much?”‘

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Anna Francis