New parent Scarlett Johansson has been refreshingly frank about how life changes after having a child

Scarlett Johansson has spoken for the first time about what it’s really like to be a mum to her new daughter Rose Dorothy.

The actress gave birth to her first child with new husband Romain Dauriac in September, and she has described being a parent as an ‘exhausting’ but ‘wonderful’ experience.

Being refreshingly honest about the trials and tribulations of being a mum, she told Germany’s Gala magazine: ‘It’s exhausting in the most wonderful way. I never thought how much sleeping through the night would mean to me.

‘I still lack experience. Right now I’m just trying to manage. You have to first, how should I put it, learn the ropes.’

The 30-year old actress couldn’t help but gush about how smitten she is with her little girl admitting even her smell makes her ‘euphoric’.

‘She smells sweet, totally. I can’t quite describe it, but it really makes you euphoric,’ she said.

The Under the Skin actress also shared her secret to a healthy relationship, hinting that she’s happier than ever with French journalist Romain, who is her second husband after Ryan Reynolds.

‘I’ve come to the conclusion for myself that a relationship only functions if you communicate well with your partner,’ she said of Romain. ‘Listen to yourself and what you want, and listen to your partner.’

‘This is one thing I’ve learned over the years,’ she continued. ‘And I’ve gotten better at it. Love can be difficult, but it’s absolutely worth the effort.’

Scarlett and Romain – who got engaged last summer – tied the knot on 1 October in a ceremony in Philipsburg, Montana.

Meanwhile Scarlett‘s ex, Ryan Reynolds, 38, is expecting his first baby with second wife Blake Lively, 27. No due date has been confirmed but Ryan‘s already spoken about being a hands-on dad when it comes to nappies.

‘I’m good with diapers and diarrhoea and all that kind of stuff because I have lots of nieces and nephews, so I’ve done it all before,’ he said.

You’ve got a goodie there, Blake!

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