After being crowned the Queen of the I'm a Celebrity jungle, Scarlett Moffatt now has other plans... we're talking weddings and babies, folks!

Lets not lie- we either wanna be Scarlett Moffatt, be her BFF or, ya’know, just know all the details about her life in precise detail.

Actually, that was a lie… we’d probably happily settle for all three of those things, and also providing that Scarlett lets us wear her I’m a Celebrity jungle crown for at least an hour a week.

And so, with this factor in mind, it’s fair to say that in the world of CelebsNow, any Scar Mo news is good news.

But Scar Mo baby news?! An entire other kettle of fish!  *Looses mind over the prospect of a teeny tiny Scarlett Moffatt*.

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In fact, Scarlett and long term boyfriend Luke Crodden have very recently shared that they have some serious baby plans in the works. Yup, this is not a drill.

Speaking with Hello magazine, Scar shares that ‘We’ve had a baby name chat!’, to which Luke added, ‘She wants to call our little girl Aurora’.

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So, Scarlett, why Aurora? ‘Like the Northern Lights… and because it’s the name of the Princess out of Sleeping Beauty!’.

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The freshly crowned Queen of the Jungle also went on to discuss her plans to get hitched to Luke, sharing that they had already discussed their wedding.

Scarlett explains, ‘We like the idea of getting married in the woods… ‘I like the idea of there being lots of fairy lights and I’d definitely like it to be outside’.

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It’s v. relieving to hear all this, after there has been multiple rumours circulating alluding to trouble between the pair after Luke failed to fly to Aussieland to support Scarlett on I’m a Celeb.

However, it turns out that this decision was actually just a very sensible adult decision from Luke- who needed to look after their dog!

Luke explains, ‘I had our dog Bonnie and I had so much stuff to take over to her parents’. Thats proper decent parent training right there, folks!

So- Scarlett, Luke. We’ll either be part of the bridal party, or Godparents. Or both.

You decide.

Alice Perry