Take a bow, ScarMo!

In the earlier months of 2016, Scarlett Moffatt inspired us when she declared that she was keen to start getting fit and being more careful with what she ate.

And while we’ve always thought she was a stunner, she has completely transformed her figure, and she’s looking absolutely fantastic!

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A new photo shows exactly how far she’s come in just a few months. Imported through Snapchat, Scarlett recently shared a photo that showed her newly-slender body in full. Dressed in close-fitting blue jeans and a grey vest, the Gogglebox star was going for casual chic – and she was absolutely rocking it!

Love this butterfly filter #smiles #filter

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Posted late on Monday evening (1st August), it took no time for her devoted fans to chime in with praise.

‘F*ck you’ve lost weight! Amazing!’ reads the excited response from one user in particular – and it seems as if ‘amazing’ is the word of choice for a lot of people, for good reason!

Other fans were very interested to find out exactly how she’s managed to lost weight. When Now caught up with her last week, she revealed that it’s down to a lot of exercise, including High Intensity Interval Training (read the full chat in the issue, out now!)

However, the motivation to lose weight mostly came out of concerns for her health.

She exclusively told us: ‘When I went to the doctor for a check-up, she said: “You’re obese.” I was really shocked; I almost cried. She explained I was pre-diabetic and if I carried on the way I was going, I could develop Type 2 diabetes.’

However, she’s worked hard to make sure that’s not the case – and as a bonus, she’s looking cracking. Good on ya, girl!