Awww, well done pet!

Scarlett Moffatt has been on a body journey for months now: from getting her feelings hurt by online trolls to avoiding the prospect of giving up kebabs after a night out (impossible), now the Gogglebox star has unveiled the results of her hardwork.

We all knew she looked fantastic but she’s blown away fans with her latest picture, where the 25-year-old revealed she’s lost an amazing 2 stone.

Taking to Instagram, the best-selling writer said: ‘Crying like a baby today, can’t believe I’ve lost 2 stone. Feel so proud. Honestly if a professional couch potato can do it, anybody can!’


The star also gave us some tips for the impressive weight loss in the latest issue of Now magazine. While she recommends getting on that high intensity interval training, it’s important to not give up everything you want if you want to shed the pounds.

Speaking exclusively to Now, she said: ‘I don’t reckon living on hot water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup is the way to go. I try to cut out as much crap as possible…

‘Everything in moderation. But cake is definitely delicious… eat the cake!’

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Not only that – it’s all a lot easier if you get the partner involved: ‘I’ve been working out with my boyfriend [Luke Crodden] – he’s super-fit and he gets me motivated.’

A little bit of hard work always pays off, it just helps that Scarlett Moffatt is ALWAYS stunner, no matter what!