Things really didn't go to plan for the show's return

Ant and Dec had viewers up and down the country excitedly tuning in for the return of Saturday Night Takeaway this weekend.

The comeback show didn’t quite go to plan though and was quickly thrown into chaos by a series of pretty awkward gaffes!


Ant and Dec’s contract says they ‘CAN’T work later than 11.30pm’!

In fact the errors started within minutes of it all kicking off when a sketch involving shooting Stephen Mulhern out of a cannon (well, pretending to – OBVS) totally backfired.

The flash and smoke effects went off before the presenter was able to dive back down into the cannon, so it kind of ruined the illusion that he’d been fired through the back of the studio. Oops.

‘Didn’t go quite as well as planned that, did it?’ Ant quipped afterwards.

Dec then jokingly added: ‘Not like in rehearsals, was it?’

LOLs. Unfortunately it wasn’t the only thing to be awry in the show – Dec ended up stumbling over his words during an announcement, and later on the presenting duo were forced to apologise after a viewer was seen mouthing a swear word during a competition segment.

The camera showed the female watcher getting a bit overexcited and saying ‘oh f*** off’ about winning a trip to Disney World in Florida. Eek!

Dec went on to say: ‘Have to apologise in case anybody got a bit excited on the video there and may have said something they didn’t mean to – have to say very sorry for that.’

New presenter Scarlett Moffatt’s debut on SNT didn’t go without its glitches either.

The Gogglebox star was sent out on a mission to find some viewers waving at their windows in their home, meaning they’d be in with a chance of being helicoptered into the studio for the ‘best seats in the house’.

Unfortunately Scarlett couldn’t find anyone in the street she’d showed up in doing this and was forced to knock on the door of a random house.

Thankfully the surprised resident WAS watching the show – but awkwardly left Scarlett on the doorstep when he was getting ready to go.

‘He’s not inviting us in, it’s alright, we’ll just stand out here,’ the Newcastle lass joked before Ant encouraged her to barge in anyway.

The errors didn’t go unnoticed by viewers, with one Tweeting: ‘Ha ha joys of live TV! #SaturdayNightTakeaway #oops’

Another said: ‘I love #SaturdayNightTakeaway buy tonight’s show was a cringe fest of ideas that just didn’t work. Good to know the lads are human I guess’

Yet despite the mistakes, Ant and Dec still managed to win over many viewers.

One admirer posted: ‘Saturday night takeaway had me howling from start to finish! @ScarlettMoffatt was such a good addition #SaturdayNightTakeaway @antanddec’

A fellow fan wrote: ‘Good to see @antanddec #SaturdayNightTakeaway back on tv! They never fail to make you laugh!’

Welcome back, boys!