Singer takes a pop at Lady M after she snubs him...

Jake Shears has branded Heather Mills as stuck up and rude.

The Scissor Sisters’ vivacious frontman has let rip about Heather, 38, because she ignored him when they met backstage at a gig.

‘I found Heather to have her nose really stuck up in the air,’ Jake, 28, tells The Daily Mirror.

‘I met her once with Sir Paul and, honestly, she didn’t give me the time of day.

‘You’d expect someone to be a little gracious or just pleasant when you meet them for the first time. But Heather was nothing like that.’

Not until, that is, she found out exactly who he was.

‘Someone must have told her…and suddenly it was a completely different situation,’ he recalls. ‘She couldn’t have been more charming. But by then my mind was made up.’

So there’s no prizes for guessing whose side he’s on in their bitter divorce battle.

‘Let’s just say I’m on team Macca with this one,’ says Jake. ‘He was lovely to me when I met him, a really nice guy.’