Suranne's been given a new name

Suranne Jones has joked that she’s trying to recapture her youth with a hip new nickname.

The Scott & Bailey star has revealed that she’s been given an urban moniker by one of her co-stars.

My nickname is Jonesy, but my Scott & Bailey co-star Amelia Bullmore gave me a new one: Sura-Jo,’ says Suranne, 34.

She’s Ami-Bu. Maybe we’re trying to claw back our youth with street names.’

Despite joking about her age, former Coronation Street star Suranne says she enjoys learning new things as she gets older.

The bravest thing I’ve ever done is ask for help,’ the actress tells S Magazine.

I didn’t do it so much when I was younger. Now, I’m happy to. It’s an important life skill.

Keeping problems to yourself is a terrible trait.’

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