A Kardashian family dinner rarely seems to go argument free


Scott Disick was left furious after a confrontation with Corey Gamble on discipline, in which he said he would ‘whip’ Scott’s seven-year-old daughter, Penelope.

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In a sneak peek clip of an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, 36-year-old Scott, who shares Penelope and two other sons with Kardashian sister, Kourtney, can be seen shouting at Corey from across the dinner table in an angry outburst.

It came after Kris Jenner’s toy-boy Corey claimed he would ‘whip Penelope’s a**’ if she scratched him.

In disbelief, Scott asks: ‘My daughter?’ before Corey confirms: ‘Give her a spanking for sure! Whippin’ is that discipline.’

Hitting back at the comment, an outraged Scott demands: ‘Don’t ever talk about a child like that!’ and goes on to tell Corey to ‘Get the f*** outta here!’



Plenty of KUWTK fans took to the post to leave their own opinions.

One seemed to agree with Corey, writing: ‘Corey is right. P can’t just go around putting her hands on anybody especially adults. They need to get that under control.’

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While a second chipped in: ‘I’m sure Corey knows his place and didn’t actually spank a baby that is not his. It was probably using “ if she was my daughter and did this, this is how I would’ve handled that……’

But some were totally on Scott’s side: ‘Scott your right bro no man should ever hit a kid especially a step grandpa lol,’ said one.

And another added: ‘I bet no kid in that family has ever or will ever be spanked and here’s Corey wanting to spank 🤣😂😂 . Lol he must know his place if he wants to remain in the family.’