The Radio 1 legend, 43, lets us in on his Big Weekend secrets…


Hi Scott! Who are you 
most looking forward to seeing perform?

I’m looking forward to seeing Lorde, actually. And obviously Katy Perry will 
be incredible – a proper American superstar 
show, with loads of 
amazing production.

Which acts do you think will leave you starstruck when you interview them?

It depends who I get to interview really. But I’d say, even though she’s lovely, 
it would probably be Katy Perry – she just has a presence about her because she’s a superstar and she’s always fun, every time I’ve interviewed her. I love her! She always says something different in every interview as well, which I like. Some people say the same things every time, but she’s real 
and honest.


Would you ever camp 
at a festival or are you someone who prefers 
the comfort of a hotel?!

I’m definitely a hotel type! I’ve never camped at a festival – it’s just not for me. Who wants to see their tent being washed away in a river of mud? I’ve seen it happen 
at Glastonbury – all your belongings just floating 
down a stream of mud… Not for me. Hotel please!

Who’s the drunkest celeb you’ve ever encountered 
at a festival?

A good Radio 1 DJ doesn’t tell 
– and I’d hope the popstars would do the same for me!

How did you feel when royals William and Kate appeared 
on your show recently?

Will and Kate were so down 
to earth. I got told about 
two weeks before that it was going happen. I couldn’t believe it. There were conversations going on between Radio 1 and the Palace and 
I kept asking: ‘Well, surely there’s stuff I’m not allowed to ask them?’ 
and they said: ‘Absolutely not, nothing’s 
off limits.’

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Is Kate as gorgeous and amazing in person? What about Wills?

The thing that struck me about Kate is how regal and gorgeous she is, she really is. And William is just so charming. And he has amazing teeth!

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