The Radio 1 DJ opens up about his secret friendship with Robbie


For someone who broadcasts to millions every day on Radio 1, Scott Mills has always been surprisingly private.

Yes, he’s been our most famous gay DJ since quietly coming out in 2001, but other than that he’s managed to keep his private life private.

However, that’s all about to change now that Scott, 38, has published his autobiography, revealing a shocking secret life.

Scott’s boyfriend Mitch died of a drug overdose after they’d only been going out for a few months and he dealt with the pain by drinking.

‘I was 26 and we spent every minute together. He was from Wales and so funny,’ Scott tells Now’s Dan Wootton.

‘It was truly awful. I’d been to the Brits. After my Radio 1 show, the police were waiting for me.

‘They told me he’d died. I couldn’t process it. As it dawned on me, it got worse and worse and worse.

‘I started smoking that day and I haven’t stopped since.

‘I was presenting the early show, so I’d wake up at 2.30am, do the show, come home and go back to sleep.

‘Then I’d wake up in the evening and drink two bottles of wine or a bottle of spirits in front of the TV. It was a way to escape.

Good friend Robbie Williams has helped Scott through his tough times.

Robbie was someone I could talk to about my drinking,’ says Scott.

‘He’s knocked all of his problems on the head. I found talking to him very comforting.

‘I see so much of myself in him – my insecurities, not knowing if you’re good enough, the depression and the alcohol.’

Scott’s autobiography Love You Bye: My Story is out now (£18.99, Little, Brown Book Group)

Read Dan Wootton‘s full interview with Scott Mills in Now magazine dated 10 September 2012 – out now!