Interesting choice...

We all know reality TV stars love a bit of surgery, but Love Island‘s Scott Thomas has taken it to the next level with Botox injections in his ARMPIT.

But before you say ‘what!?’ this is actually for a serious condition. The treatment prevents hyperhidrosis, which causes sufferers to sweat way too much.

And the reality hunk took to Instagram to defend his actions: ‘No more sweating for me thanks to a special little treatment I’ve had done at @MacAesthetics

‘Lads you may laugh but if you wanna wear a naughty baby blue shirt or a spicy pink number on a night out without looking like you’ve had shaggy wet dog in a head lock then give them a shout.’

The lad makes a good point.


Luckily for 27-year-old Scott Thomas, the treatment blocks 80 percent of the sweat after it’s applied, because it disables the sweat glands. It only lasts six months and costs £400, so maybe wait until March to get your money’s worth.

Meanwhile, his 21-year-old girlfriend Kady McDermott has treated herself to a bout of lip fillers.

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The same company shared a picture of the Love Island babe on their Instagram and wrote: ‘Love islands @kadymcdermott looking hot with her Mac Aesthetics POUT.’

In the hashtags, they clarify that she’s got lip fillers.

So basically they had couple’s surgery together. That’s one way to keep the Love Island train chugging.