Wise old Uncle Scotty T has some advice...


Ah, results day.

A day of sweaty palms, disappointment and lots of v. v. strong drinks. Yup, we remember it fondly.

And, with hundreds of thousands of students receiving their A-Level results today, we’re sure pubs are going to be packed to the brim with celebrations/sorrow downing episodes.

So, for those that didn’t recieve the results that they had hoped for- fear not!

Wise old Uncle Scotty T of Geordie Shore has some stellar advice for ‘ya- looks like its all going to be alright after all!

Scotty T has taken to social media to share some advice for those disappointed today- and it would appear that we’re about to see a whole load more new faces on Geordie Shore…

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Scotty writes, ‘Hope everyone gets the results they want! If not, you can always try reality TV’.

It’s a fair point.


However this isn’t the first time Scotty has shared his wise words with the youth, as last year the reality TV star had shared a very similar message…

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Scotty writes, ‘Good luck to everyone getting their results tomorrow! Don’t worry if all else fails you can always be a knob on tele’.

Replies to the Tweet read messages such as ‘thanks for the advice’ and  ‘Got to love @ScottGShore for support and great advice’

You can certainly count on Uncle Scott to show you the way, kids.

Despite his messages, Scotty is actually a secret academic- having recently revealed that before dropping out to become a Geordie Shore star, he had been studying Marine Engineering at Newcastle University!

Yup, never judge a book by its cover people!

Alice Perry