The star will miss the start of filming for the new series


We think that all Geordie Shore fans out there will agree that Scotty T is an essential part of the MTV show. It just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Which is why we’re giving ourselves a whole new set of worry wrinkles today following the news that the star will miss filming for the start of the new series – and may not return at all. NOOOOO.

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It comes amid claims that the northern lad has failed to curb his hard-partying ways, as show bigwigs requested earlier this year.

A source told Sun Online: ‘MTV bosses love Scotty, he’s the biggest name on the show and a pivotal part of Geordie Shore but they’ve had to be ruthless to help him.

‘There were talks about what to do and how to help him but it’s pretty much fallen on deaf ears. For now he won’t be joining the rest of the cast, but they hope he will join at some point during the series.’

Instead of joining Gaz Beadle, Marnie Simpson and the rest of the GS crew when filming for the new series starts on 14 November, Scotty will instead be – yep, you’ve guessed it – getting his party on, jetting off to Australia to make personal appearances at exam celebrations known as ‘Schoolies Week’.

Which doesn’t exactly suggest that he plans on swapping pints down the pub for soft drinks on the sofa anytime soon.

In July, a source told The Sun: ‘It may sound a bit ridiculous that the bosses of Geordie Shore are telling one of their biggest stars to stop partying and become more sensible, but that is what has happened.

‘It has got to the point where they feel they can’t rely on him to do his job and they have warned him that if he doesn’t calm down and become more reliable, he won’t be allowed back for the next series.’

The source added: ‘Scotty has gone from a virtual unknown to a huge star in a very short space of time, so it’s understandable that it’s all gone to his head, but he just needs to reassess and calm down a bit.’

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