It was a case of 'howay' meets 'g'day' as Scotty T popped up in the Aussie soap

Scotty T swapped Newcastle for Erinsborough today as he finally made his much-awaited guest appearance in Neighbours.

The Geordie Shore star popped up in the Australian soap today (12 May) as part of a cameo he filmed  Down Under in December.

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Playing himself – thick Geordie accent and all – his scene featured an hilarious exchange with Aaron Brennan (played by Matt Wilson) that saw the Geordie get lost in translation.

As Aaron – clearly a little smitten by Scott’s good looks and rugged Northern charm (join the club) – tries to recruit Scotty for his ‘little boutique business’, Scott exclaims: ‘Woah woah, yeah mate, I’ve got a bird man, you radgie.’

Clearly not down with Tyneside slang, Aaron replies: ‘Does your bird do any tricks?’ – leading Scotty to ask what he’s ‘cracking on about’!

And when Aaron says it’s OK if his ‘bird’ doesn’t do any tricks, Scotty decides he’s had enough and tells him to ‘jog on’ – leading to Aaron doing a bit of running on the spot… 😂

The Newcastle-born lad was clearly mega excited about his appearance in the soap, cheekily tweeting earlier in the day: ‘Buzzing for @neighbours today im in it!!!!!! Make sure you record and you can watch me in bed down under.’

But many of his fans (presumably largely students) went one better than simply recording it, instead tuning in for the first of the soap’s two daily showings at 1.45. (Oh, how we miss the days when we could catch the early Neighbours instalment…)

And they were loving the CBB champ’s appearance on the show.

‘@ScottGShore on neighbours actual made my day,’ one Twitter user wrote, adding: ‘Loves it 😍’

Another posted: ‘Scotty F***in’ T on Neighbours?! What a cameo!!’

And they weren’t alone in their love for Scotty’s acting turn…

Check out Scotty’s acting skills in the Neighbours clip below!