Admit it, he's the only man for the job


No matter what side you voted in the EU referendum it’s undeniable that the country is about to go through a period of intense change, for better or worse.

And in these unstable times we need a leader who can whether the storm. We don’t need Boris Johnson with his silly, silly hair or Jeremy Corbyn with a cardigan that only your nan finds attractive. No one likes these politicians and their weird, lizard faces. We need a leader of the people.

We need Scotty T.

The Geordie Shore star has been a shining beacon of political during the referendum all while calling people radgies. Don’t know what a radgie is? Neither does anyone else, that’s what makes him so dangerous to Britain’s enemies.

If you’re not convinced, you will be soon.


Scotty T is the voice of the People

No one liked Malin on Love Island, and when she was voted out, dear Mr Timlin was filled with a rush of patriotism. Only a true patriot would care this much about Love Island.

He’s here to hear YOUR opinions

Knowing how critical this week was, he put aside talking about his normally very important discussion about his d**k… Scotty-T-grenade-launcher

… and asked his millions of followers to focus on the slightly less important discussion of the fate of Britain in the European Union.

He can handle the tricky minefield of political discussion and debate

Scotty T has facts and figures DOWN

Not surprising, as he is a man from Newcastle that can actually recount the amount of women he’s slept with. AND he predicted David Cameron’s meaty head falling from 10 Downing Street.

Like all great leaders, he doesn’t want it…

He put other people, including a fictional character, ahead of himself in the race. But no, Scotty. As a wise rice maker once said: With great power comes great responsibility.

The moment you turned into Scotty Turbo, was the moment you were destined to lead this country into greatness. Go forth, Scotty, make Britain mint again!

WATCH: And he’s nice to his mum!