Is this the mystery girl he's seeing on the outside...


We always knew Scotty T was a ladies man, but apparently he’s got something hidden in his heart instead of his… T.

Despite connections to Megan McKenna and Tiffany Pollard (though being stalked through the house may not be his fault), it seems that the Geordie Shore hottie may have a secret girlfriend – a girl called Francesca Toole.


Not only did Scotty post a pic cosying up to the 21-year-old beauty on Christmas, captioning ‘Xmas day vibes,’ she’s also posted several pictures of Scotty, including this one that looks suspiciously like a bed.

Scotty T and Francesca Toole

But who is this mystery girlfriend? She has the brains, as she’s studying Fashion Design and Marketing at university, and Francesca is also the former Miss Newcastle 2015.

There were hints at Scotty T not quite being as single as he professed during his time in the house. He got cosy with Megan McKenna…

Scotty T megan Mckenna cosy gif

And kissed Tiffany Pollard more than a lot, yet Jeremy McConnell revealed in his exit Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side interview about Scotty: ‘There’s this girl he’s seeing that he likes, but his job is to have sex and to be on TV.

‘You can’t have a girlfriend when you’re doing a job like that.’

The CBB winner also revealed something in an interview with new! Magazine. Well, he revealed something by not actually answering. When asked if he is actually with Francesca Toole or if he’s actually single, his PR tells them to move on.

Slightly suspicious, right?

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Well, whether they’re together might be up in the air, she was still giving the Geordie stud support during the final on Friday, tweeting:

‘Hope everyone is voting for @ScottGShore he’ll be buzzing.’ Along with that ridiculous photo.

Hmmm, suspicious indeed!