Is Scotty the dad, or not?

By now, it’s difficult for anyone who’s familiar with Scotty T to be shocked by anything relating to him.

But with a recent announcement, he pushed his levels of outrageousness further than ever as Marnie Simpson claimed that he could be the father of Stephanie Davis’ newborn son!

After days of further speculation, Scott has released an official statement regarding his potential parenthood – and it seems as if the ladies of Newcastle can rest easy in the knowledge that he’s not a daddy just yet.

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Taking to a video for MTV on Friday, 28-year-old Scotty addressed the rumours in a comical video, set in a courtroom.

‘It has been brought to my attention that many mans have suggested that I am the father of Stephanie Davis’ baby,’ he began sternly, to a questionably Photoshopped jury of Jeremy Paxman, Trevor MacDonald and cast mates Marnie and Gaz Beadle.

‘I would like to address these rumours so that they can finally be put to rest.

‘I did not, and never would, have sexual relations with that woman,’ he declared.

‘Stephanie and my pipe have never came in contact.

‘I didn’t even feed her f*cking pony!’ And just in case you needed help in figuring out what he may have meant with that horsey comment, the reality star gave a visual demonstration:

Scotty T, leaving nothing to the imagination (Photo: MTV)

Lovely. He then rounds off his press conference by thanking the group ‘assembled’ for this important message:

‘That is all I will say on the matter and I won’t be answering any questions going forward. Thank you for your time and your co-operation.’

Well, guess that settles that! And after Joshua Ritchie recently went back on his comments about also being the possible father, it looks like we’re back to the original – Jeremy McConnell.

Not that new mum Steph seems too concerned – she’s busy basking in the joy of her little boy. At least everyone’s happy!