We never, ever, ever thought Harry Styles and Taylor Swift would be back together - but this picture isn't what it seems

NOW HQ exploded in absolute rapture (and hysteria and joy and bliss) when we saw this snap of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift posing seductively together at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

We love the snap of pop’s perfect pair so, so, so, so much – almost as much as we love the caption underneath it saying: ‘[stares for a long time] [blinks] [continues to stare] ‘ Lols. Us too!

– the inspiration behind some of Taylor’s biggest hits – appears to have his arm around the hit master. Her body is facing his, and she looks to be returning the affectionate grab. Everyone is smiling and look how happy they are!

But, is it real – or is it just a great fake Photoshop job from a fan as obsessed as we are?

Sadly, it’s the latter as we found a picture of Harry in the exact same pose next to Ed Sheeran. SOBS.

Although there is some good news – the pair did indeed party together after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Tuesday according to reports so the question on everyone’s lips is of course are Taylor and Harry ever (ever, ever) getting back together?

‘The pair drank cocktails together at the Earl’s Court bash, before they moved on to the London Edition hotel, where all the VS models were staying. There, the Angels were continuing the party in the basement bar,’ the Daily Mirror reported.

‘They snuck out of a rear exit five minutes apart to avoid being pictured together,’ the paper added. ‘It seemed like they’d buried the hatchet.’ Yipee.

Taylor and 1975 singer Matt Healy have reportedly been secretly dating for two months now but it seems there is hope at least that her and Hazza may still be on good terms.

Poor old Harry ran into two of his exes earlier this week as Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne bumped into the chart-topper at The British Fashion Awards on Monday.

And there was yet more hysteria when fans spotted a snap of Harry and Emma Watson at the awards – this time a genuine one – prompting fans to say they would make the perfect looking couple.

It just so happens that anyone hanging off Harry Styles‘ arm just looks super good, what is that about – and any way can we have a go?

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