Singer’s chocolate bar vision comes true

Joss Stone has revealed that she had a visionary dream about becoming the new Cadbury’s Flake girl.

Before getting the contract in December and recording a new version of the Flake jingle, the singer was startled by a delicious premonition.

‘I had a dream about Cadbury like 6 months before they called,’ she admits. ‘Weird and very strange. I woke up in the morning and I’m like “Cadbury”.

‘I’m like, “Maybe I should do a chocolate line or something?” And then months later, it’s wham, bam, thank you ma’am, and there it is.’

Sexy Flake commercials featuring models nibbling sensually on the chocolate bar were last seen on the box in 2004.

Joss, 20, has been paid an undisclosed sum to revive the ads.

‘The new campaign will feature Joss Stone… who reflects Flake girl’s attitude to life in a fresh take on Flake’s iconic advertising,’ says a Cadbury spokesperson.

Joss will be seen in the commercial for the first time tonight during Rock Rivals on ITV1.

See Joss Stone talk about being the Flake girl in this video…

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