Singer whips off his socks off to prove he's got nice feet

Shayne Ward has given Now Online an exclusive peak of his feet after boasting he loves every part of his body.

The modest singer – who is never far from his bulging make-up case – says there’s nothing he doesn’t like about his hunky physique, and even brags that his feet are kept in perfect order.

‘I’m really happy with the way I am,’ The X Factor winner says with a grin.

‘That sounded vain, didn’t it? But I don’t hate anything.’

In our video, the 23-year-old is so confident of himself that he even whips off his brand new socks to show off his toes.

‘I’ve got good feet, nicely trimmed and clean,’ he confirms.

And to be honest, they are quite impressive.

SEE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of Shayne Ward’s feet here…(bit of a sound problem but that doesn’t stop you looking)

Alison Adey

P.S. Okay, I’m a foot fetishist, I confess…