American comedian sings sexy duet with Hollywood star

Matt Damon has filmed a hilarious video with American comedy star Sarah Silverman.

Sarah, the girlfriend of US chatshow host Jimmy Kimmel, recorded a number called I’m F**king Matt Damon with the Hollywood actor to celebrate the 5-year anniversary of Jimmy’s ABC programme on Thursday.

Matt, 37, happily married to Argentinean wife Luciana, 31, got the joke and was happy to take part.

He’s seen describing his and Sarah’s supposed sex sessions in graphic detail and even acts out the motions.

Jimmy was delighted with the comedy clip, reports Perez Hilton.

Last year, Matt took part in a spoof appearance on the hit US chat show.

Jimmy’s running joke has always been to finish the show with his famous line, ‘Apologies to Matt Damon, but we ran out of time!’

When Matt finally made a special guest appearance, Jimmy cut him short as soon as he came on stage.

‘Go f*** yourself!’ Matt fumed, before swearing his head off and storming out.

The audience thought it was for real but it was just a gag.

Matt Damon

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