Troubled star relaxes by sea at sunset

Owen Wilson has taken a trip to Venice Beach in LA with his brother Andrew.

The Hollywood star looks relaxed in photos after a dip in the sea but his suicide bid scars are clearly visible.

It’s just three weeks since the 38-year-old was found at home with slashes to his wrists.

Now the Wedding Crashers star is reassessing his life and his love of wild partying.

‘Owen realises he needs to calm down. He’s known for his love of women but there’s a strong feeling he needs to change,’ a source claims in the Daily Star.

‘In his younger days it was fun but it’s all a bit wearing now.

‘Whatever happens he reckons that it’s probably a good first step to only have sex with one women at a time in the future. Threesomes, foursomes and fivesomes are now off limits.’

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