High School Musical star poses in naughty lingerie...

That Vanessa Hudgens is a bit of a minx.

After the furore caused by a full frontal snap of the 19-year-old hitting the web, a whole new batch of sexy photos have emerged to whip up the frenzy again.

The High School Musical actress has posed for a set of raunchy pics which show her frolicking with a female pal and tugging her knickers down.

Vanessa publicly apologised earlier this month about the first naked shot on the internet – and Disney bosses decided to be understanding.

But it seems the actress rather likes taking her clothes off – she’s revealed that she’d like to do a shoot for a men’s magazine.

‘I totally would pose for a sexy magazine,’ she tells the Sun.

‘I think being a woman and being able to show a sexy side is empowering.’

Well, let’s hope she feels empowered by these…

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Alison Adey