But singer doesn't notice white blob as she parties with young lookalike fan

Amy Winehouse has been photographed with a mysterious white substance in her nostril.

The troubled singer, 24, gave another erratic performance at the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool last night.

She told the audience she had missed her evening phone call to husband Blake, who’s currently in custody at Pentonville prison.

‘He would have loved to have been here. I spoke to him last night but I can only call either before or after EastEnders,’ Amy explained.

The star began rambling and became less coherent as the night wore on.

‘She said she was going to introduce her band then walked off stage, so they had to do it themselves,’ an onlooker tells the Daily Mail.

After the gig, paparazzi snapped the singer with what looked like a smudge of talcum powder up her nose.

She was in a chirpy mood, giving a pair of earrings to a young girl called Lucy.

‘Amy had been in high spirits all night,’ a source tells The Sun. ‘She looked a bit wide-eyed too. I can only imagine what the girl’s mum will make of it all.’

The fan – who had copied the diva’s famous beehive – was invited backstage after the show.

And bubbly Amy even autographed a cigarette for a male fan.

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