Singer grimaces in pain after supporter grabs his hand

Pete Doherty was left in pain after a fan tore the bandage from his injured wrist during a meet and greet in Germany last Thursday.

The singer was leaning out of his hotel window to shake hands with supporters after a Babyshambles gig in Munich.

But one fan got too close and started to yank his bandage, causing Pete to scream in agony.

But the injury didn’t stop Pete, 28, from performing a private gig the next day. He was paid £15,000 to play in his living room at his country retreat in Burbage, Wilts.

In typical rock’n’roll style, Pete turned up 7 hours late – not arriving until the early hours of Saturday morning – but he still wowed the millionaire businessman paying for it.

‘It was really nice,’ Pete tells The Sun. ‘Everything I played went down really well. I got to try out lots of new material. They were real aficionados. They certainly know their stuff.’

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