Actress gets new artwork for her latest film role

Angelina Jolie has had several temporary tattoos done for her new film Wanted.

The actress shows off over 13 new designs in the sci-fi thriller.

In new promotional photos, she’s seen sporting artwork on her back and the words ‘tears’ and ‘toil’ on her arms.

The action-packed role sees Angelina, 32, perform death-defying stunts, including shooting while hanging off the side of a car.

The mum-of-four plays an assassin called The Fox, who trains James McAvoy, 28, to avenge his father’s death.

Angelina Jolie in WantedAngelina Jolie in WantedAngelina Jolie in WantedAngelina Jolie in Wanted

SEE VIDEO Angelina Jolie in the trailer for new film Wanted…

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