Reporters asked to bring her baby shower gifts

Kerry Katona refused to be interviewed at her launch of her new TV show until she was given a plate of chips and mayo.

The pregnant star was in London’s Convent Garden promoting her fly-on-the-wall documentary Crazy In Love.

And food wasn’t her only diva demand. Guests were asked to bring along gifts for the expectant mum, 27, who’s due to give birth to her fourth child in May.

But instead of thanking guests, she left all her pressies behind when she went home with hubby Mark Croft, 37.

Ziggy Lichman, Sam and Amanda Marchant and Nikki Grahame were among the Z-listers who put in an appearance.

Crazy In Love starts on 17 February on MTV1 at 10pm.

Alison Adey

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Kerry Katone and Mark Croft