Artist Nick Reynolds says crucifixion sculpture represents how singer is treated by the media


Pete Doherty has had a plaster cast made of his body – to help create a controversial sculpture for an artist friend.

Nick Reynolds came up the idea of depicting the singer in a crucifixion pose, which he’ll hang on a cross decorated with strips of newspaper.

He says it will represent how Pete, 29, has been crucified by the media.

‘When I saw the press that Pete was getting, it made me think of Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates. Negative press put a downward spiral on them,’ Nick tells The Sun.

‘I saw the same pattern [with Pete]. As if he was being crucified by the Press.’

The work will be the centrepiece of a book Nick is putting together called Heroes And Villains. It will also be on show at Pete’s solo gig at London’s Royal Albert Hall on 12 July.

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