Ex glamour model shows home videos

Heather Mills reportedly showed home movies of herself and estranged hubby Sir Paul McCartney on the first day of their divorce hearing at London’s High Court yesterday.

The ex-model is hoping to prove the couple were genuinely in love to justify the £80m settlement she’s said to be asking for.

Heather, 40, attended the hearing with her sister Fiona, 37, her personal trainer, her make-up artist, a minder and a chauffeur.

She’s representing herself.

It’s believed that she also screened a video to show how she’s been hounded by the paparazzi.

‘Heather will outline to the judge that, because of Sir Paul’s fame, she needs money for protection as a very public figure herself,’ says a source.

Paul, 65, looked tense when he left court. But sources close to the ex-Beatle claim he doesn’t want to give in to her demands.

‘It gives Paul no pleasure to have to go through this,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘He’s more sorry than angry – but he will not be making any concessions.’

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