Couple given ultimatum by judge

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills were said to be close to reaching a settlement after the second day of their divorce hearing yesterday.

The estranged couple are believed to be more open to compromise after being told by presiding judge Sir Hugh Bennett that he wouldn’t tolerate any leaks about the proceedings.

‘The judge made it clear that all evidence should remain strictly confidential,’ says a source. ‘He told them both in no uncertain terms he will not stand for any nonsense — and any leaks will be punished.

‘Anyone caught revealing details is likely to be found in contempt of court and fined.’

Sources say the final deal could see Heather, 40, being awarded £10-25m as an initial lump sum. Sir Paul, 65, would also pick up her unpaid legal bills as well as making annual maintenance payments for their daughter Beatrice, 4.

Heather’s dad Mark, 66, has also revealed that she plans to move to France or America because of the public backlash she’s suffered.

‘She won’t stay in the country,’ he tells the Daily Star. ‘She’s very low at the moment and would leap at the chance to get away from it all.’

Heather Mills arrives at the High Court

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