Ex glamour model presents hate mail as evidence

On the third day of their divorce hearing, Heather Mills reportedly showed the High Court abusive letters she’s received since her split from Sir Paul McCartney.

The ex glamour model is seeking to prove that she needs around-the-clock protection.

Heather – wearing a pinstripe trouser suit and lime shirt – is also said to have taken fan mail from before the marriage as examples of how her public profile has been ruined.

‘She thinks the judge should know her image has been tarnished as a result of her marriage and its breakdown – and take that into account when deciding how much he should award,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror.

‘She feels it has had an impact on her ability to do charity work and her future earning potential.’

It’s believed that Sir Paul relented on Heather’s demands for protection after seeing the letters.

‘They have agreed the figures regarding security and she feels vindicated,’ adds the source.

Although the couple made progress on her safety, they’re still said to be at loggerheads over daughter Beatrice’s schooling.

Sir Paul, 65, wants the four-year-old to go to a state school like his older children did, while Heather, 40, is set on giving her a private education.

Sir Paul McCartney

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