Footballer chooses design featuring title of Stereophonics album


Wayne Rooney has been inked with the words ‘Just enough education to perform’ on his right forearm, in a macabre design that looks like his skin is peeling back.

The phrase is a tribute to his favourite band Stereophonics as it’s the title of their third album.

The artwork is also said to reference the fact that Wayne did poorly at school and didn’t pass any GCSEs.

‘The Stereophonics are huge musical heroes of his,’ a source tells the Daily Mirror. ‘He absolutely loves the band and that’s his favourite album. But he also thinks it’s funny that it could have been written about him.’

Stereophonics frontman Kelly Jones, 33, performed at Wayne’s wedding to Coleen McLoughlin, 22, in Italy last month.

The Manchester United star, 22, has 2 other tattoos – a cross on his upper right arm and the name of wife on his left arm.

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