Comedian was determined to pay Katy back

Russell Brand said he’d get revenge on wife Katy Perry after she posted a snap online of him wearing a wedding dress before they tied the knot.

Katy, that little cow, keeps calling me a Bridezilla,’ explained Russell, 35.

Jarvis Cocker wrote Just Say Yes, the single we’re releasing, and for that one of the costumes I wore was a wedding dress.

‘I sent Katy a picture and she put it on the internet and goes, “Oh look at him he’s obsessed with this wedding.”‘

But Russell’s pay-back didn’t go down well with his Mrs.

Katy was furious when the comedian posted a Twitpic of her online with no make-up on, blurry-eyed and having just woken up.

The snap was quickly taken down but – too late – it’s now all over the web!

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