Actress Angelina Jolie wears prosthetic make-up

Angelina Jolie is transformed into a man for her latest movie Salt

In the film, the actress plays a CIA agent accused of being a spy and, at one point, disguises herself as a male naval officer to avoid being caught.

Angelina, 35, had to spend hours in make-up having fake ears, a fake nose and a Latex neck covering applied.

The disguise was so convincing that her adopted son Maddox, 9, and partner Brad Pitt, 46, didn’t recognise her when they visited on set. 

‘I invited Maddox to come and say hi and didn’t tell him who I was,’ explains Ange.

‘He hung out with me for a while until I said ”Mad” – and when he realised it was me he was just freaking out.

Brad wouldn’t kiss me either, he wouldn’t go there.’

Meanwhile, Angelina has reportedly donated £70,000 to the Pakistan flood relief effort.

Salt is in cinemas now.

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