PETA ad campaign scrapped because of nudity

Alicia Silverstone’s ad campaign to promote vegetarianism for charity PETA has been pulled from TV.

The video – which sees the Clueless actress, 30, emerge from a swimming pool in the buff – has been deemed unsuitable for transmission by Texas-based company Comcast Cable.

A spokesman for the organisation says it was axed because it contained scenes of nudity – and might have caused offence.

But PETA officials – who produced the campaign to promote their free Vegetarian Starter Kit – think it’s a very appealing promo.

‘[Viewers can] get an eyeful, not only of the stunning Ms Silverstone, but also of our free Vegetarian Starter Kit,’ they explain. ‘It’s chock full of delicious recipes that will make them drool for an entirely different reason.’

See what all the fuss is about here…

Alison Adey