Michelle Williams and other grievers take dip in ocean

Michelle Williams and other loved ones grieving at the wake after Heath Ledger’s funeral in Australia took a sunset dip in the sea.

‘It’s exactly what Heath would have wanted,’ one mourner told Perth Now.

Guests, who celebrated the actor’s life with beer and red and white wine, followed Michelle as she and a male companion walked hand-in-hand to the water’s edge behind Perth’s Indiana Tea House on Cottesloe Beach, one of Heath’s favourite spots.

At least 50 people plunged into the sea, some in their underwear, some fully dressed in their black mourning outfits.

Heath’s sister Kate dived in and Michelle, wearing her cream sundress and black sunglasses, was briefly dragged into the water as everyone cheered.

As the sun went down, the party returned to shore and linked arms.

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