Actor was shaken when stranger threw herself on him

Brad Pitt says that his attack by an overenthusiastic fan in Italy has left him feeling nervous.

The actor, 43, was visibly shaken after a woman pushed her way past security to try and embrace him at the Venice Film Festival.

‘I haven’t been jumped like that in a while,’ Brad tells the Mirror.

‘It tells me that we’re vulnerable. It’s something I have been thinking about.’

The dad-of-four says he’s reluctant to cut himself off from the public with a wall of bodyguards but realises he has to stay alert.

‘I don’t want to change my life to avoid those kinds of things,’ he says.

‘I’ve had break-ins in the house and I’m dealing with a recent one now. You also develop a radar – you feel it when you are approached by unbalanced people.’

See video of fan jumping Brad Pitt at the Venice Film Festival…

Alison Adey